"Bitch, who asked you?"


Seriously, why don’t the aliens ever sedate the abductees?

Can you elaborate about white queers rigid definitions of what "lesbian" means?



I think the term “lesbian” and much of early lesbian discourse was dominated by white women so that the ways that Black and Brown women choose to love each other remains foreign and illegible. To put it in a nutshell.

Oh, how far I to the x-files are you???

Just watching a few choice episodes.

What is with me and catching these shows I missed in the 90s?


the thing i hate most about people who preach ‘non-violence’ and ‘peace’ is that they never preach to those in power, you’ll never hear any of them demanding the police stop killing black people, to stop destroying their neighborhoods, and to put their weapons down, and that’s because these people are not against violence, they are only against resistance. 


instead of ‘genderbending’, try trans headcanons instead. try drawing them as a different gender that doesn’t hold up to the cissexist ‘genderbending’ ideas. Instead of swapping cis girl for cis boy, and the reverse, try going from cis girl to trans boy, or cis boy to trans girl, or draw the character as a demiboy, non-binary, genderfluid, anything! there are far more fun ways to explore a character’s gender than swapping cis for cis.

Would Regina call it rape? (MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING for discussion of rape)


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not that i don't agree with you know defending regina however, she has also done awful things that can't really be excused such as how she essentially raped graham and she isn't afraid of colleteral damage when harming others idk i get where the post comes from but the writing/narrative is so bad



Hi Anon, i am going to treat you like someone who is genuinely concerned about these things and wants to like Regina than a troll who is pointing out Regina’s flaws by wrapping them up in a ‘i agree with you’. I am also gonna treat you like a WOC and assume ALL my readers are women of color because why the fuck not. 

but first off, let me be clear that the point of my post was simply to point out that Regina is not a white dude villain- she’s not even a white lady villain. She’s a woman of color forced into a marriage to a man with much much more authority than her, who is much much older than her and let me just say that this is a reality that befalls thousands of young girls even today and that white dudes have a long history of buying and raping (with or without marriage) young girls of color and i wish she had crushed Leopold’s heart with her own hands and sometimes fuck even Snow’s heart because no, i hold my white lady colonizers responsible for my colonization. 

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Re: Regina, King Leopold and historical parallels

Here’s one. And here’s another.

No, we’re not making this shit up. The parallels to antebellum slavery are so strong that, if the creators of OUAT were Black, I’d wonder if it were deliberate.


LMAO I thought y’all were exaggerating with the ‘tripped on a root’ story, but that is ACTUALLY Katrina’s story?

She was about to attack you and she literally TRIPPED on a fucking ROOT. She conveniently tripped RIGHT OVER A FUCKING CLIFF. That’s your story?

Yeah, ok Katrina. Whatever you say, you murdering murderer.

"Cool story. Still murder." —Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Ichabod had to give Katrina and all the bull she was talking one of these



"I didn’t tell you because I care for …


"I did it for the greater go..


" I didn’t tell you so you could fulfill your role as a wit..


White women. (White) Latina women and Asian women



Get praised every day and every other week but you acknowledge the beauty of black women and lament to protect their girlhood from Eurocentric standards of beauty (of which they stand as a direct counter too) and yall in my inbox asking about “All women”—-while conveniently leaving black women out of “all women”


This is a blog that celebrates all black women all the fucking time!

So Bai!


Our reluctance to say sorry when we’ve been wrong often causes more harm than our original offense. We argue, we gaslight. We force the person we’ve harmed to justify, over and over again, their right to feel hurt by our actions, and then we still deny them that. We make them the enemy, we become the injured party. We demand apologies for having to think of ourselves as less than good people. And we don’t learn.

- But What If You’re Wrong? 5 Rules For Apologizing Like A Grownup - xoJane (via shulkiesmash)

Power is the ability not just to tell the story of another person, but to make it the definitive story of that person. The Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti writes that if you want to dispossess a people, the simplest way to do it is to tell their story and to start with, “secondly.” Start the story with the arrows of the Native Americans, and not with the arrival of the British, and you have an entirely different story. Start the story with the failure of the African state, and not with the colonial creation of the African state, and you have an entirely different story.

- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s 2009 TED talk

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I can’t be the only one irritated by how Gotham has Montoya hung up on Barbara.

Aside from the Psycho Lesbian schtick, there is the factor of a woman of color pining for a white woman who doesn’t want her.

Jada Pinkett-Smith Auditions for Gotham with Slave; Embraces Eartha Kitt

I knew something about Fish reminded me of Eartha Kitt!