"Bitch, who asked you?"

Jun 7

One thing on reference about Once Upon A Time that I don’t like:

Is just me or there is anyone that hates seeing people complaining about Lana Parrilla being Latina/person of color or anything else? I mean, if you think that’s something wrong about that you just should fuck yourself to the soul. She is beautiful, a great actress and even if she is latina or not, you mustn’t judging Lana by her color, descendant, just see her roles in movies/tv shows and judge by her acting. I don’t want someone get me wrong, but is just piss me off when I see people being racist or ironic about that subject!

What I want to do with those people:

I think it matters a great deal that a Latina actress is playing a lead role in on a mainstream network TV show that’s aimed at general audiences (as opposed to being marketed toward “the Latino demographic” or whatever advertising/marketing code name they use for it). It is so fucking rare for women of color, especially Black and Latino women, to have a meaty role that is not a stereotype that I will always bring that shit up every chance I get.