"Bitch, who asked you?"


[Content Note: Scottish and ginger stereotyping, Othering, racism, misogyny.]


I will also briefly note that if you think this post is just about Scots, or whether Scots are/should be offended, you have misread the post. The post very clearly elucidates how the particular stereotypes being evoked play into a tradition of racism that upholds white supremacy.

Comments going on about whether Scots are/should be offended not only miss the larger point utterly; they are a derail from the issue of how even certain stereotyping of white peoples plays into kyriarchal narratives.

And missing all of that in order to make truly juvenile accusations about how I don’t speak for Scottish people really makes you look like you’re too stupid to comprehend the nuance of the post, or, alternately, like a deliberately shit-stirring pissant.

Either way, you may want to reconsider, because there are advanced social justice ideas in the post, and if you’re not willing to engage seriously with them, you’re going to look like an ass to this community.”

Oh my god.  

If you see my self-centered white privileged bullshit for what it is, you’re misreading!  Of course, she claims that her post about how offensive “Brave” is to white people because “whiteness is not a monolith” which is true, but somehow the film showing a distinct white culture plays into “whiteness as default” social narratives …. how, exactly?  Despite her clear elucidation what I saw was a bunch of SJ concepts used by people of color being appropriated to whine about utterly harmless stereotypes perpetrated by an American media company towards a white western European nationality/ethnicity.  There is no racial/ethnic power differential between the United States and Scotland.  

Comments said by Scottish people going on about whether Scots should be offended are irrelevant because I am an American of Scottish ancestry!  Again, this is where her misuse of SJ concepts turns purely hypocritical.  If American media and Americans have the power differential to “marginalize” “other” “appropriate” “exploit” “racially stereotype” and “silence” Scottish people (all words used in the original post about U.S. media representation of Scots) then as an American isn’t she obligated to privilege the voice of an actual Scottish person above her own?  

I mean, I don’t actually think so because again, there is no significant racial/ethnic power differential between white Americans and white Scots.  Or English.  Or Irish.  Or Germans.  Or - you get the point.  American cultural/military/etc hegemony may be terrible but it’s not an excuse to act as if various white western European nationalities/ethnicities are racially or ethnically underprivileged in relation to white Americans.  And stating that stunningly obvious fact has nothing to do with upholding whiteness as a monolith, ffs.

As for advanced social justice ideas, yes, the level of SJ jargon and buzzwords used in this post to whine about the supposed marginalization of white western europeans is pretty advanced bullshittery.  

Social justice concepts as they relate to whiteness, ethnicity, nationality, and so forth do not exist so white American girls can appropriate these concepts to claim they are oppressed on the basis of their whiteness.  

Also I’m a motherfucking Stuart.  Come at me, bro.


We need a GIF that has a Black person saying, “Tell me again how poking fun at medieval Scottish redheads is just like racism.”