"Bitch, who asked you?"

Jul 5

Why it’s problematic that Disney keeps on cranking white princesses:


Look around your neighborhood, look around your classroom, look at your friends. We are all culturally diverse. We are not all white! White should not be the norm. When we think about princesses we should not think about a white european princess automatically. There are African Princesses, Asian Princesses, Hispanic Princess, Indian Princesses,etc. There are so many princesses to pick from!

That’s why I’m so conflicted on Disney’s Snow Queen/Frozen. I love the story and I love Hans Christian Andersen, BUT WHY ANOTHER WHY WHITE PRINCESS/ WHITE CHARACTERS? I can almost sadly garantee you won’t see any POC in that film.

Moreover if you’re argument is that “Oh IT’S EUROPEAN STORIES SO THEY HAVE TO HAVE WHITE PEOPLE!” I’m sorry to break it to you but:


Also if you’re argument is that “OH well THOSE ARE REALLY GOOD FAIRYTALES/STORIES THAT’S WHY DISNEY PICKS THEM” Again I hate to break your heart but:

  • Have you read Mexican fairytales? African American Folklore? Asian stories? Every single countries has a diverse set of tales that could be amazing turned into wonderful Disney films. Also imagine the scenery and breathtaking animation? To draw an African Savannah? The shores of any Pacific Island? The Great pyramids of Aztecs/Mayans?
  • Do you know how amazing it would be?

I am Hispanic. I have never seen a Princess who looks like me. I have a 8 year old sister. She’s dark skinned and her favorite princess is usually Ariel or Tiana. Ariel because of the fact she’s mermaid, Tiana because she loves her dress and she identifies with her, she sees Tiana as closely resembling her. I want her to keep having more Tianas, in a sense more princesses she identifies with. More princesses all my siblings and cousins can identify with.

Yes I grew up with a world with white princesses and I love many of them. I absolutely love Aurora for the sake of the Sleeping Beauty. I learned to identify with them. When Tiana came out it was a big deal to me, because Tiana is the only princess I personally connect with. I share a similar personality to Tiana but I’m not saying The Princess and the Frog was perfect. No, infact it shows the most blatant racism. The princess (Tiana) in the story spends most of the film as frog. Never in the history of the Disney have they have princess spend her entire film as an animal or non human form. Disney was still shaking in their whitecentric boots that they fear having a black princess for too long in a movie might not work. Whatever argument you might want to contradict or argue in favor of Disney’s choice is invalid.

Now Disney, you come here cranking up stories and more princesses and still exposing the same white characters. I’m fed up. I want another Asian princess, give me a Japanese Empress, an Pacific Islander Princess, a African-American warrior princess, give me an Indian Princess, give me a freaking Hispanic Princess. 

Pocahontas,Jasmine,Mulan and Tiana can only do so much versus the white empire of characters and princesses you have created.


*saves for “once upon a meta”*