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pbandfluff replied to your post(Once Upon A Meta) Queering the Enchanted Forest

I’ve somehow always pictured FTL as very, very spread out geographically, and that in the “country” people live as they want, rules be fucked and burned.

That makes sense. So where does this leave people like Regina, particularly when it comes to how short a leash Cora seemed to keep her on?

Extremely confused and frustrated with themselves. Regina has all these things she’s told she’s going to want, and everyone spends their time trying to prep her for accepting them when they come along, and she feels frustrated with herself because she can’t seem to want them like she’s supposed to. No one told her wanting something different was even an option. It’s almost like suppression by omission. Regina wants and wants and wants but doesn’t have the knowledge to know what it is she’s wanting for in this most “basic” area of life, and I think it marked how she grew and developed.

Wow. It’s like you read my mind. I’m trying to imagine what it’s like to not even have a CONCEPT of gay/bi/queer, let alone the vocabulary to talk about what that could mean for someone living in FTL, especially someone as (deliberately) isolated as Regina.