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I’ve somehow always pictured FTL as very, very spread out geographically, and that in the “country” people live as they want, rules be fucked and burned.

That makes…

I also think other structures are at play here. What time period is FTL closes too? It always seems like it might be closer to medieval times, but of course we have magic that could mirror (no pun intended) things from the 21st century. I ask this because what is schooling like? Is there anything like a group of kids learning together and exploring things like sexuality? I mean, I guess you have neighbor kids who grow up together. I feel like for all the things we know about FTL there are twice as many things we don’t know. 

How are LGBTQ concepts explored. Are there people in FTL that you “stay away from” because they’re “one of those people”?

Right. I wondered the same thing.