"Bitch, who asked you?"


A short guide on collectin yo folk



Hey there! So you’re white but you are checking your privilege and doing your best to help your POC allies. You know when to sit down and shut the fuck up(hopefully) and you know how much of your opinion counts. But there’s a problem: Uhoh! A white racist dickrag is commenting on POC’s post! Some one writes collect yo folk white people. It’s a call to action specifically to you. But unfortunately, you don’t know what to do. What does collect mean? How can you do it right? Well I am here to help. You can call me the cracker savior if you will. Now these are my opinions on collecting so don’t go thinking this speaks for all POC( but i shouldn’t have to say that because I’m assuming you’re a good white ally)

Collecting: What does it mean.

Collecting means to come and shut down the white racist on a post. POC usually hate dealing with ignorant white folk and “teaching” them. That isn’t our job. We aren’t their mothers mammies and we are certainly not google. Collecting is basically standing by us when racists come to fuck with shit. You be a decent person and say shut the fuck up to dumbasses. Shut shit down when so we don’t have to. 

Let me stop you right there: yes, you are doing work we could do. But we don’t want to. Why? Because we deal with enough racist shit in our lives, the least ya’ll could do is step up and deal with your own people. So when you see a derailment on a POC post speak up and say: dude, cut it out. It’s not about us and our white opinions. You don’t need to educate, because you  aren’t google either, just tell them to shut the fuck up. You can even say munch a dick if you are feeling risky. 

What not to do

  • Speaking over POC, even if you don’t agree with their opinions, you should never speak over their voices. In a discussion about race and racism, their opinions are still worth more then your’s. I don’t care how much koolaid they sip. 
  • Don’t look for praise. You are still white, you still benefit from your privilege, like it or not. We aren’t required to hand out cookies( even though some might do it) Don’t go asking or expecting. 
  • Check your privilege. At all fucking times.
  • Don’t pull the ” Well I’m trans, queer, mentally disabled, etc, so I have less privilege then such and such POC.” Nope. Nope. Nope. Shut up. Intersection does happen. It is natural but that doesn’t change the fact that you are still white. A queer white person has more privilege then a QPOC. A white trans* person has more privilege then a TPOC. Your oppression might seem bigger then some other POC but that doesn’t make you not white. White is the biggest privilege to have and it trumps cis, hetero, binary, and all other forms of privilege. Sorry. (not really)
  • Being a collecting ally gives you no free passes. You can still slip up and we’ll be here to shut your shit down booboo.
  • We aren’t obligated to like you because you collect and label yourself an ally. We will decide if you are an ally to our cause or not, some might others no. Deal with it.

Collecting: How to do it

You can take any tone you want. I personally don’t care, it’s up to you. Racist tend to listen more to white voices then POC voices which is a damn damn shame but true. We will say the same words but because of your white privilege in action, they automatically more accepting of your voice then mine. I’m just an uppity nigger bitch telling them what to do. You aren’t. Now collecting means handling. You can fill them in on what they are doing wrong and explain why we are pissed the fuck off. You can also tell them why they are so wrong in their assumptions/opinions. 


Racist: Always about the race! I’m colorblind,everyone else should be too.

POC: Come collect yo trash.

You: Some people can’t choose to live in a colorblind world. Seeing color can save their lives. It’s not about how you can afford to see the world, it’s about how they are seeing it. Don’t say their experiences are wrong.

See? Easy, fun, and helpful. A real ally is there for us. And one day, when we rule the world and over take the crackers, we will spree you. 

So here’s my little presentation. Hope you learned some shit. No? Well fuck you. 

A simple guide on collecting if you are a privileged person (aka how to be a useful ally) that can be applied to any situation of ignorant privileged people/delusional marginalized people vs. marginalized people. Enjoy.

For my followers: You can get creative if I ask for you to come collect. Feel free to use pics of people and characters I like in appropriate reaction pics. BTW, I’m partial to Anne Hathaway and Lana Parrilla. For fictional characters, Miranda Priestly, Azula, and Regina Mills/Evil Queen are my favorites. Some examples:

  • "Miranda Priestly purses her lips at your statement."
  • "Azula firebends in your general direction."
  • "This is an example of what NOT to do. If it happens again, I will destroy your happiness if it’s the last thing I do."
  • "Even Anne Hathaway would punch you in the mouth for that."
  • "OSUWARI!"
  • and so on.

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