"Bitch, who asked you?"

Sep 6

(Once Upon A Meta) Swan Gate and Lesbophobia

Regardless of one’s personal feelings about Ginnifer Goodwin’s recent tweet about Swan Queen, it’s become abundantly clear that lesbian representation on mainstream TV is a big deal to many of us sailors in the Swan Queen Navy.

There are already plenty of people talking about their feelings about Ginnifer Goodwin’s tweet, so I won’t replicate those discussions here. The idea is to broaden the ongoing discussion to talk more directly about lesbophobia, particularly as it relates to Swan Queen, OUAT fandom, the show itself, mainstream media, and film and TV at large. This is your chance to share your resources and insights about lesbophobia, such as:

  • Linking to articles, posts, and discussions about lesbophobia
  • Discussing the ways that people perpetuate lesbophobia
  • Telling stories about your own experiences with lesbophobia
  • Brainstorming an analysis of lesbophobia that explains how it is similar to and different from homophobia
  • Asking and answering questions so that people can be more aware and more sensitive

In the interest of keeping things on track, I should say that debating whether or not lesbophobia exists and/or whether or not it’s worth talking about is not what this post is for.

That being said, let’s get started.