"Bitch, who asked you?"


PSA: The following traits are no longer sufficient for being an ally to LGBTQ people…



It has been determined by the Secret Gay Agenda that the following traits no longer qualify an individual for (Cis) Straight Ally status:

  • Having an LGBTQ friend/co-worker/relative
  • Not beating up an LGBTQ person
  • Refusing to use slurs referring to LGBTQ people
  • Supporting gay marriage or ENDA
  • Taking a course in queer studies
  • Any honors or endorsements received from Gay, Inc.

The Secret Gay Agenda believes that the above characteristics (except classwork and endorsement by Gay, Inc.) meet the bare minimum standards for Decent Human Being.

Considering how much is at stake for most of us (particularly those of us who are not affluent, photogenic cis White boys), the bare minimum is simply not enough.

I know this is meant to be cheeky/I could be missing the joke, but most queer studies courses are only available at the university level in my country (USA). Not all people can afford to go to university, or have that college degree, or go anywhere but high school, maybe trade school.

Demanding that of people really is straight up alienating a whole shitload of humans, many of whom are queer as well. Should we get queer studies in public high school? Hell yes! But that’s a pretty challenging thing. 

idk that shit just bothers me, I know it’s just a joke and stuff but not everyone has the opportunity for higher learning, especially in the USA where prices are just skyrocketing

Where in this post does it say that coursework in queer studies is necessary to being a decent human being?

Like, point it out where I actually said that.