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Eshu’s Playground: PSA: The following traits are no longer sufficient for being an ally to LGBTQ people…



It has been determined by the Secret Gay Agenda that the following traits no longer qualify an individual for (Cis) Straight Ally status:

  • Having an LGBTQ friend/co-worker/relative
  • Not beating up an LGBTQ person
  • Refusing to use slurs referring to…

tried to keep dash unclogged/personal discussion but it wouldn’t let me put the image in the ask box, so::


^— just a screen shot of the post with highlights. Idk, I like commas and can’t read tone on the internet. I read it as (class work and endorsement), with “by Gay, Inc” applying to both in a strange world where Gay, Inc. holds idk, pamphlet meetings and stuff. 

I deff. agree with the idea of the post, don’t get me wrong, but that was kind of unclear and I’m a little bit strained when it comes to the ways more fortunate liberal/queer people can some times take to people who might be well intentioned, but not have the same kind of academic background as they do…. So, maybe I was listening too hard. I’ve been getting a lot of weird vibes about that discussion recently in my life, so when I go into a post (which, due to the internet, can easily be mis-toned) like that, I’m taking that experience into the read. You can insult my intelligence or stuff like that if you want, I don’t really care, we’re just queer humans talking on the internet about queer stuff. 

I don’t really run into many “super allies” or stuff cus I… avoid them hahaha… Plus I tend to find people who are not part of the conversation (for example, not-queer) who want to dominate a (queer) discussion space are not allies to begin with… (or rather, are probably misguided and possibly egotistic?).

The best “ally” in any situation is someone who knows when it’s time to stand together and when it’s time to step out of the discussion so that the  people in a group can come together on their own (not just in queer discussion, but the same can be said for feminist or racial discussion spaces, as well).

I don’t really read tone well on the internet. And, idk, I like commas. Have a good day person.


So, basically, knowing your own limitations about being able to pick up context cues, you misread my post and criticized it based on something it never said (instead of, say, asking for clarification).

Then, instead of saying something simple like, “Whoops, my bad,” you had to put in a huge graphic and mention that you “like commas” to illustrate that I am somehow unfamiliar with the proper punctuation of the English language, thus implying that I am both illiterate and stupid.

Furthermore, you tack on a “Have a good day person” (which is, by the way, improperly punctuated), which doesn’t read like you are wishing me a good day at all. In fact, it reads more like a passive-aggressive way of insulting my intelligence and my education (minor fact: my post-secondary education focused on English language and literature, so I know how to construct a sentence that is intelligible, spelled correctly, and grammatically sound) while pretending to be nice about it.