"Bitch, who asked you?"

Oct 8

Black women oppress no one.


-The realest shit I’ve heard in my whole life. Like.


Profound on. so. many. levels.

My best friend said this.

True or not? 

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not besides each other anyway

That last comment for the win

Ummm…. Rich Black women oppress poor folks? CIS Black women oppress trans folks? You want I shld list more? This seems reductionist.

Yes an no.

Rich black women’s targets of oppression are most often poor black women because they know those women have no other place to go .

When black women participate in class oppression it’s very much targeted on how bad poor women make it for them

As for Cis women being oppressive to trans women.

trans women feel free to check me because I operate from cis-ness

but I operate analyze it from

The oppression is always woman to woman

I can be transmisogynist I can be cis centered but the target is always a woman and when it’s a black woman

I am almost always gonna be boundary policing rather than good old oppressing .

I am trying to stop this woman’s life because of what it says about me cause no matter what crap comes out of my mouth

I know they are one and the same

An that’s why makes it more awful.

The shit we do to each other as black women is BASED in our acknowledgement that we are connected rather than oppression which is based in our differences isolation

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My mom used to tell me that shit rolls downhill.