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Your admiration for [Regina], has it changed throughout the seasons as she’s gone through, have you sort of changed your opinions of her? [x]

*snicker* She has no idea I wrote that already.

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Onyx Queen Masterpost: Season 2


For the first masterpost, go here. This continues where “Letter,” “Hero,” and “Hell" left off.

This masterpost is for the new “season” or what have you of Onyx Queen. These will also be grouped by theme as the “series” progresses.

New ones will be in bold.

The return of Regina Mills

  1. Dreams
  2. Monster
  3. D.O.A.
  4. Train
  5. Note
  6. Master
  7. Yuda
  8. Darkness
  9. Human
  10. Eyes
  11. Drawing
  12. Fire
  13. Poem
  14. Captive
  15. Bike
  16. Dormant
  17. Drive
  18. Storm
  19. Tithe
  20. Amulet
  21. Rebirth

What has Kiki been up to?

  1. Absence
  2. Diary
  3. Friend
  4. Cake
  5. Horses
  6. Writing
  7. Novel
  8. Face
  9. Photo
  10. Mirrors

New Onyx Queen in bold!

Go here for all my Prince Alejandro head canons!

Onyx Queen: Amulet

Ever since her baby came back, Latonya hadn’t let her out of her sight. The one time she turned her back, she’d found an empty stroller where Rashona should have been.

"My baby! Has anybody seen my baby! Please tell me if you’ve seen my baby!"

Never again.

Latonya fidgeted with the brass amulet she’d found with Rashona the night she had come back to her. She found herself holding it quite often nowadays, even without meaning to. It gave her comfort and made her feel protected, as though a silent, invisible guardian was watching over her.

Flora had said that she’d seen something like that in a pawn shop run by a couple of Hasidic guys, but she didn’t know what it meant. Flora had said that it didn’t seem dangerous, and Flora’s always careful about spirits ever since that one incident with a Ouija board.

Latonya kept the amulet. If it meant keeping her baby safe, happy, and with her, she was gonna take all the help she could get.

“Daddy, why didn’t you tell me?” RUDE PATROL. EXCEEDING LEVELS OF RUDENESS DETECTED. I hate how this entire headcanon is in line with a woman whose defining trait was always love and kept having it snatched away from her. Like, finding out about this years later and knowing it was yet another way her life in FTL could've been worth living. ughhhh reginaaaa

I’ll take More Reasons Why The Enchanted Forest Sucked For Regina for $200, Alex.

Head canon: These are Alejandro’s known offspring in order of birth

  1. Alejandra (with wife)
  2. Juana
  3. Luciana
  4. Antonia
  5. Isabella
  6. Sofia
  7. Ximena
  8. Regina Gabriela*
  9. Roberto (with wife)
  10. Ignacio (with wife)

*Cora named her Regina, but Alejandro longed to name a daughter Gabriela, so both of these are her given names. Regina’s full legal name is Regina Gabriela Ochoterena y Lopez de Molinero. Her name has been Anglicized to accommodate English speakers who do not speak Spanish.

Head canon: Regina’s earliest memory is dancing with Tío Alejandro

She remembers him kneeling in front of her, tenderly holding her tiny hands in his big hands. And him slowly, on his knees, leading her through the basic steps of a salsa. She remembers the light catching in the golden thread of his embroidered jacket. The blue and green silk shimmered like peacock feathers.

She remembers the light in his eyes and his bright smile.

"Very good, mija,” he said.

She remembers her giggle echoing off the walls of the great hall. 

She remembers their final “dance,” how Tío Alejandro held her close and kissed the crown of her head as fat tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Be strong, mija,” he whispered, his voice cracking under his grief. “Be strong for your tío, mami.”

(“Daddy, why didn’t you tell me?”)

She remembers, and she understands.

(Note: Who is Alejandro? Go here to find out more.)

Head canon: You thought I was done with Alejandro? LOL!

(See these posts for context.)

Although the people in this cold, pale realm speak of Regina as Cora’s daughter through-and-through, Enrique never understood why because when he looks at Regina, he sees Alejandro. He sees it the way her thick black hair curls ever so slightly. He sees it in the clear, penetrating gaze of her dark brown eyes. He sees it in her smile that shines like the sun. He sees it in the way she turns that warm golden brown in the summer. And, if he is honest, he sees it in her willfulness, in how she fears nothing (other than Cora), in the way she can’t hold back laughter or tears, and, yes, in her temper*.

Regina is the child of his heart and soul, and Enrique loves her with everything he has, but he’s always known that she is not the child of his flesh. And thank the gods for that because it means Regina has inherited none of his weakness, none of his cowardice, none of his inability to say “No!” or “Stop!” or “Enough!” If Alejandro is part of her, it means that Regina doesn’t have to become what Cora tries to shape her into. It means that she has what it takes to make her own destiny and create her own happiness, and that’s all he’s ever wanted for her.

*He will never tell Cora this, but one of his fondest memories of Regina as a child was when she was six years old and won a fight with a bigger, stronger, older boy through a merciless combination of kicking, biting, punching, hair-pulling, and scratching. The boy had been bullying a local child, and Regina didn’t like that one bit. After Regina sent the boy home read-faced and snotty and wailing like a banshee, Cora punished her because the bully was the son of a duke while his victim was the son of a gardener, but Enrique was proud of her and said so as he dried her tears.

Head canon: Even more about Regina’s “uncle” Alejandro

(Continued from here)

Though Regina lived in exile with Enrique and Cora, Alejandro still celebrates landmarks of Regina’s life in his own way.

For her quinceañera, he has a sword made for her because teaching Regina swordplay would have been one of the things he would have done had she been raised with him.

The sword itself is beautiful and elegant, designed to be light and fast while not sacrificing cutting or thrusting power—the perfect weapon for a young lady of slight build. The scabbard is made of wood from a tree native to his kingdom.

Regina kept the sword, and it still remains in her secret vault in Storybrooke. Though she never learned to use it, she occasionally likes to take it out just to look at it. What she doesn’t know is that she has a talent for swordsmanship that remains untapped mainly due to the fact that the hack-and-slash fighting style popular among swordsmen in the Enchanted Forest would not work for her.

To get an idea of what the sword looks like:

Head canon: More about Regina’s “uncle” Alejandro

Continued from here and here.

Despite everything that happened with the scandal involving Cora, Alejandro deeply regrets not fighting for Regina. He knows that Enrique would be a second father to Regina and is as loving and patient and gentle as a father can be, but he’s not a fighter, so he doubts that Enrique can protect Regina on his own.

Although the general public is unaware, Alejandro’s other children have known the truth since they were preteens. King Xavier has pretended not to know, and every time Alejandro brings up the subject of Regina, Xavier refuses to talk about “baseless hearsay.” Xavier’s antipathy toward Cora and his subsequent refusal to acknowledge Regina as Alejandro’s child has strained their relationship. Even on his deathbed, Xavier warns Alejandro against searching for Regina or bringing her back home.

When Alejandro is too old to travel and fight like he used to, he makes his other children swear to bring Regina back to her homeland and her people. 

They locate and identify her, but they do not have the heart to tell Alejandro that his daughter has become the Evil Queen. So they tell him that she died a long time ago. Alejandro suspects there is more to it than what his children are saying, but he accepts it and mourns for Regina the rest of his days.

One of the things he does every year without fail is light a candle on her birthday.

What does Alejandro look like? I’m glad you asked.


(continued from this head canon)

Also, like Oberyn, Alejandro is* bisexual.

*Or was. Haven’t decided if he’s still alive or not.

Edit: Given that Regina is chronologically in her 60s, and Alejandro was in his 20s or 30s when Regina was born, he’s probably dead (or old as fuck).

Shit, I wanna develop the fuck outta this head canon because we need more shit that places Regina firmly in the Brown woman category, and making her entire family all about Cora ain’t doing it.

Confession: I have made more leeway talking about race, gender, sexuality, and intersectionality thru fictional characters like Regina Mills than through discussing it in non-fictional contexts

I wonder if the reason for this is because, since I don’t have to make it about me or anyone I know by default, there’s less risk involved for me than when I’m talking directly about my life and experiences.

Like, having people go, “What’s race/gender got to do with it?” with Regina is frustrating, but when directed at me personally, it’s heartbreaking.

I have this head canon that when Regina lived with younger Snow and Snow got chatty Regina just muted her. She waved her hands and no sound came out. Lol


What does Alejandro look like? I’m glad you asked.

(continued from this head canon)

Also, like Oberyn, Alejandro is* bisexual.

*Or was. Haven’t decided if he’s still alive or not.

Edit: Given that Regina is chronologically in her 60s, and Alejandro was in his 20s or 30s when Regina was born, he’s probably dead (or old as fuck).

Onyx Queen: Tithe

Mistress is away when the tithe is brought to the lair. Sharp, high cries penetrate the wards. Its mouth waters thinking about chewing sweet, tender flesh. It lifts the offering, wrapped snugly in its blanket, and carries it into the sanctum.

It could devour the thing now, and Mistress would never know. What was it thinking? Of course Mistress would know. Mistress always knows. If Mistress found out, Mistress would be angry and punish it. 

No, eating the thing is not what it should do.

But if it cares for the thing, keeps it clean and warm, perhaps Mistress will let it eat it. Not whole thing, just and arm or a leg, while Mistress keeps the rest for herself.

Yes, that’s what it will do.

Mistress returns before day breaks. When she sees the tithe, she nearly drops the Spanish doubloon resting in her palm. It can hear the demon imprisoned within call out—


—in a voice dense as lead.

Mistress remains still, stares at the thing in the blanket. It hopes she lets it have the liver. 

She kneels and gently takes the offering in her arms. The thing mewls and gurgles, and Mistress smiles. She rubs its tummy with her finger.

"Where did you come from?" asks Mistress, her voice low and soft.

"Tithe, Mistress. From the fairies. Every seven years as agreed," it says.

The thing wails, and Mistress shushes it, holds it close. “Where’s your mommy? Where’s mommy? We’re going to take good care of you until we find your mommy.”

"Can I eat it?" it asks. "A treat, yes? I have been good. Mistress knows."

"Are you hungry?" Mistress coos to the thing in her arms. "I’ll get you something while I’m out."

She places the offering in its arms, and a warm, soft light shines in Mistress’s eyes, one similar to the one that glows when Mistress thinks about her human.

Mistress says, “We’re going to fix this place up just for you, yes we are. You’re going to have your own crib, and cuddly toys, and the cutest little clothes. And we’re going to protect you and make sure nothing happens to you, aren’t we? Then we’re going to find your mommy. Yes, we’re going to find your mommy. But while we look for mommy we’re going to everything to keep you safe and happy; yes, we are.”

The thing spreads its lips in a pink, toothless grin. There is no way that Mistress will let it eat it now.

A single glance from Mistress, and it understands: if the tithe is lost or harmed, there will be hell to pay.