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This Tumblr fully supports Unambiguously Brown Regina

Why Regina doesn't have much screen time...

  • Emma: Henry, please tell me your mom hasn't been doing something evil.
  • Henry: Nope, she just gets real busy this time of year.
  • Emma: But she's not even mayor anymore. Why is she so busy?
  • Henry: Uh, duh it's apple cider season. You don't think all that cider you enjoy just distills itself.
  • Emma: No shit?
  • Henry: She's gotta pick the apples, press the apples, ferment the apples, filter the apples, it's a lot of work...so she's pretty busy.
  • Emma: Maybe I should go out to the orchard just to see how she's doing....
  • Henry: Mom doesn't like to be disturbed on apple picking day,she likes driving the tractor, says the heavy vibration clears her head.
  • Emma: I'll bet it does.

I sort of want Regina Mills and Fish Mooney to somehow join a mutual admiration society.

"Fish, I am such a big fan of that thing you do with the bat."

"Regina, honey, you have to teach me how to do that thing where you rip a man’s heart out and control him with it."

Kiki may or may not have called Regina a munchkin once.

Being unrealistically beautiful with such unfair screentime


*notices Unambiguously Brown Regina*

*whimpers more*

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Would Regina call it rape? (MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING for discussion of rape)

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The thing about villains and loving villains unapologetically and shit fuck else doesn’t apply to Regina because she isn’t some tragic white dude with manpain. Stop painting her in that same picture.

She is a victim of sexual abuse who was forced into a marriage and how dare anyone ANYONE criticize her for trying to kill the family that bought her. For trying to kill the man who raped her.

Yes, she wanted to kill snow white. Tbh, if I were enslaved, I would have wanted to kill the woman who brought about my enslavement as well and condoned it.

If you are white and you ever remove Regina’s context from the situation and go on about how white family didn’t do anything to her or how she’s a villain and an amazing villain but a villan and stop justifying her actions as if she is some saltyass rapey pirate and don’t see how fucking revolutionary it is - how gratifying it is- to have Regina Mills say Fuck You over and over to a family literally called the Whites. If you don’t get WHAT this character does for people, then you are a toxic person.

*claps at the bolded*

Hey, get this: Fox Queen (Regina x Zorro)

I may or may not have seen Mask of Zorro recently and went, “Oh! Oh!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Zorro would be Robin Hood plus seasoning.

BTW, Penzima is pretty much a Black, female Zorro.

  • me: i love my fave!
  • someone, inevitably: yea btu did you know that they are problematic. they said things that were bad once. just wanted to tell you, when you were talking about how much you liked them, you failed to mention why they are terrible. just so you know

Regina livetweets Thanksgiving dinner

Pssst, deemnfic

  • This turkey is drier than Blue Fairy’s cooch (do fairies have those?). #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • Is Snow White so pure that she’s allergic to seasoning? #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • Hook keeps trying to be charming. I feel sick. #FuckOffHook #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • I wish I poisoned the apple pie I brought. #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • Aren’t carrots supposed to be orange? #WTFrucookingSnow #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • I need more wine. #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • "Gee what’s in this great apple cider, Regina?" Apples, bitch! #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • Where’s a sleeping curse when you need one? #FamilyDinnerSucks
  • Snow threatening to take my phone. She can try. She will draw back a nub. #FamilyDinnerSucks


It is very important for me to see Regina Mills as working hard to improve herself at magic. Its just really important for me to see Regina valuing hard work and encouraging Henry to do the same. Like Emma and Zelena and Elsa can have their sooper speshul white girl magic, Regina Mills earned her right as a sorceress that sometimes scares even Rumpelstiltskin. And without using his dagger, Zelena.

And don’t even get me started on how important it was for me to see Regina defeat her more ‘gifted’ sibling especially after Rumples letter. To see Regina struggle and fuck even pass on her knowledge to Emma because she felt as if she wasn’t good enough to defeat the other prodigy with her learned rather than natural magic but really, it was the teacher rather the ingenue student who went into the battleground in the end. And wow when does this happen in narratives? That the person who worked hard all along is the one who saves the day rather than our talented prodigy.

Like sshhh about the execution and good/dark magic crap, these plot points are important to me and this is why I appreciate 3B even when I know the series is failing me in stupendous ways.

And this is why writing Regina’s thoughts in a magic journal is so fascinating (see “regina’s magic journal” tag on my Tumblr). Approaching magic as a discipline, a something that can be learned and mastered is something sorely missing from narratives, particularly since media looooooves its Natural Talent Chosen One fuckshit.

And this is why modeling magical learning on martial arts was something I wanted to do from jump street.

Fic prompt: Regina comes out to Storybrooke.

"Knew it."

Ruby (owed $20 by Snow)



Sidney (the mirror saw everything)

"That explains a lot."







"I can’t believe it. Really?"

Snow (owes Ruby $20)




Robin Hood



"What about the children!!!"

Blue Fairy

King George (for political reasons)

"What does gay/lesbian/bisexual/pansexual mean?"




Regina, stop flirting with all the women you are embarrassing me!

She can’t help it, momma Cora made it hard for her to do so otherwise. She had to get it all out (I mean look at her prospects in storybrooke, like Ruby is gone, she ain’t even got no one to look at)

There’s always that nurse at the secret underground psych ward.

She’s always available, and long hours get really dull, so Regina stopping by is always just what the doctor ordered.

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Regina firmly cupped her hand around Marian's jaw and went "I know who I am... and what I want." That's Villain Flirting 101 right there okay? That's not even ambiguous. That would have driven ME wild. "Oh. Um. Yes ma'm. I believe you."


  • REGINA: “I know who I am…and what I want.”
  • ME: (melted panties and faints)

Regina, stop flirting with all the women you are embarrassing me!

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