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Onyx Queen: Abby

When Regina imagined meeting Kiki again, it was nothing like this.

In her fantasies, when Kiki opened the door, she was cool as a cucumber and wearing a smile of seductive promise, her hair perfect as she slunk past the threshold of the house she once called home. After that, the details would vary, but it always ended up with Kiki swooning into her arms as she kissed and made love to her with utter abandon.

Within the playground of her mind, her stomach was not twisted up in a thousand Gordian knots, and her heart was not beating so hard or so fast that it throbbed even in her throat. When she took off on her flights of fancy, this white girl (Abby—Kiki’s “friend,” or so she said) was definitely nowhere to be seen, and she certainly didn’t hound her every step toward where Kiki lived.

In the part of her brain that had not been taken over by the thought, “It’s not supposed to happen like this,” there had been a grudging respect for the girl. Despite her doe eyes and delicate build, gringa had backbone and nerves of steel. If Abby had been afraid, she certainly didn’t let it show, and she respected anyone who didn’t turn into a sobbing, quivering mass of goo in the face of the least bit of danger. 

Only sheer chutzpah (one of the more interesting terms she learned in Storybrooke) would make anyone chastise the Evil Queen as though she were a little girl who had done something naughty. That was surprising enough, but what shocked her more (later, much later, in the privacy of her own thoughts where she could begrudgingly admit it) was how she actually tried to explain herself to this woman who supposedly didn’t mean a damn thing to her at all. She tried to tell Abby that it was for Kiki’s own good, that being with her would put Kiki in danger, but Abby was having none of it.

"Yes, because actually telling her this would be awkward, right?"

"I told her in the letter."

Gods, that had sounded weak. Even Snow White had never made such a flimsy excuse.

Something about Abby felt hauntingly familiar, something that reminded her of a chainsaw grinding through a branch of her beloved apple tree. Gods, would she ever escape Emma fucking Swan?

Were they going to fight over Kiki instead of Henry? If so, things might not turn out the way they did on the show. Brooklyn was not Storybrooke, There was no script deciding that good must win, and if Abby planned on coming between her and Kiki, she was going to have a long, ugly fight on her hands, and she would lose far more than she’d ever hope to win. Unlike with Emma, she wouldn’t just going to try to run her out of town. She would destroy her utterly, body and soul. She would start by ripping her heart out, and then—

"I know this is gonna make me sound like a monster, but…deep down, I feel like it would’ve been better for Kiki if you were dead. I think if she knew there was no way you could ever come back, she could learn to be happy again without you. I’ll never tell her this. But if you prove me wrong, I have a feeling we’ll both be surprised."

Abby was right about that.



There must be a fanfic that takes this self-aware, almost parodying approach to the source material.

Have you made any character thats similar or the same as Kiki?

Nope, not really.

Non-bickering, non-love at first sight relationships

Having a sense of mystery in your magic

This is some of what I’m going for with Regina’s magic journal.







in the spirit of the discussion over on the other one—this may be a nonsense inquiry but i think you will be able to make sense of it—

i’m starting to wonder if, even if i don’t explicitly racebend emma, the emma i write has a Mind of Color.

like i know i can write whiteness—any POC can write whiteness—because ugh snow white.  

… i’m completely losing the words i want to use here. do you get what i’m trying to suss out?

eshusplayground and I were talking and I think over the next couple days I’ll read through some of your fics and see if I can put it into words

I think right now, my questions are that, in a white character, what is the difference between a white mind that’s pretty conscious of stuff and like an actual Mind of Colour? Where is the divide when you don’t have those subtle things that remind you “oh yeah, this character is a woman of colour”, or are they there in this case? And that Emma is a character who, in the show, is kind of defined by white supremacy and closeness to the powerful (literally) White family, so can that character deviate from whiteness in a fic? Like a deviation from how whiteness is written and how we’re taught to default everything to whiteness and white thought, but because we’re women of colour we can kind of decide how white people could be supportive or should be supportive and write that into the characters?

Or maybe I’m thinking of this in the entire wrong way. I’ll have to do some reading and see

Those are exactly the questions I didn’t know how to articulate last night. And this can certainly broaden out—I’m currently doing a lot of thinking about ways to recognize allies for POC in realspace, and so I suppose this ties into that too. What is it to consciously divest oneself of whiteness versus to approach any situation with humility? (Which is the only way I currently know to express the difference between POC in a situation and white in a situation.)

To return to Emma—one of the things you highlight is how the canon narrative positions her and how that establishes literal White supremacy. And I think where things get blurry re: my Emma is that I always write her as distanced from that supremacy, suspicious of it, unable to believe for a second that she should have anything to do with it. And that’s where things get blurry. Is that still whiteness but divesting/turning away from privilege or is that me as an author of color putting the distrust of whiteness into the character.

If it were me, it’d most likely be the latter. Unless a white person is choosing to be specifically anti-racist which is not impossible, but very rare, and the Emma of the show would have done things very differently (even as early as the pilot) if she were anti-racist.

Well that would also put to fic writing the demand of adherence to problematic facets written into canon solely because they are canon. I think we can (and should) write a White supremacist mindset out, because Emma’s character could have been anti-racist whilst being otherwise genuine to her characterization. Emma is not here for her Mother’s lifestyle, privilege, worldview, etc. She has shown herself to be suspicious of it, and as dee said, we know we can equate it literally with White power.

At the same time it is also true that her behavior in canon towards Regina was decidedly not anti-racist, particularly with regard to using her institutional support to dis-empower her as Henry’s mother. Perhaps then it is required that, if using the current timeline/canon of the show at all, Emma is shown unlearning that or discovering it in order to denounce it? 

I guess the problem I see is, how does someone like Emma deserve to be with Regina if that mindset doesn’t exist? Would that be healthy for her after everything she has endured? Or as poc, would we allow it for ourselves? Otherwise you get Emma aligning totally with her family/White supremacist ideals, and Regina what, accepting it, or worse, being bent to it?

*highlights and bolds*


I like season 1 Emma… a lot but I still watching thinking “Bitch WHO do you think you are?”


As the viewers WE know the former evil queen is raising Henry and that the entire town is cursed. Emma doesn’t know that shit though.

All of her actions were out of fucking line working with the knowledge she did have. Even if Henry was out of his fucking mind…that was none of her business. If she believed Henry was hurt she met the Sheriff, teacher and therapist all of them have authority to report and help with investigating abuse claims.

And it was a kindness that Regina didn’t immediatly have her fucked up and thrown into the damn mental ward or some shit.

It was a kindness from Regina , that she went back and forth with Emma playing little games instead of going for the juggular from jump like most parents would do. Like Regina has done when she was a ruler.

Hell Regina was well within bounds to be concerned of a stranger with the only ties being genes being around her ten year old child.

Regina adopted Henry in the REAL WORLD. She didn’ t know until after the fact where Henry came from..but she loved him so she made herself forgot that fact so she could enjoy her little prince and being a mom.

And no this is not an opportunity to come into my inbox with any of that ” but she raped Graham” shit “to discount her as a mom or any other bullshit that is excused away both in fandom and fanfics for males on the show.

*lights a cigarette after making love to this post*

It took Regina ten episodes (“The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”) to even get around to threatening Emma with a restraining order.

If Henry were my child, be glad Emma was dealing with somebody nice like Regina. I would’ve shot her and sprinkled some crack on her, then told the judge and jury that it’s not my fault because it was dark, and I thought she was Black.



Because of how he trained her Regina had to always hold on to that anger.

Her ass got excited and happy for two seconds for doing something right then nope it went away because happiness and joy is not the way she was taught to tap into her power.

But with the annoyance she makes it flair up again. She had to constantly stay in touch with the worse of herself in order to be protected..because without magic she was just Regina with a dead fiancee, an abusive mom , a scared ass dad, a perv old ass husband , and a kid sister /step daughter. No allies, no power, magically trapped in a kingdom.

*takes this post out dancing and repeats the good shit for emphasis*

"She had to constantly stay in touch with the worse of herself in order to be protected..because without magic she was just Regina with a dead fiancee, an abusive mom , a scared ass dad, a perv old ass husband , and a kid sister /step daughter. No allies, no power, magically trapped in a kingdom."

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Ish I don’t like..


Harping on how “old” Regina is compared to Emma….

But silence or glossing over the fact that all or Emma’s potential male suitors are older than Regina

(Hook, neal, jefferson, graham)

"The older woman" is perhaps my least favorite fanfic epithet.



31. Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love.

Okay, let’s talk Maiden Queen and how they first come together. Everyone else in Storybrooke has known Regina for a while, and they’ve seen her ups and downs on the road to being a good-ish person. Literally all of them have doubted her intentions, partly because of black-and-white morality, partly because it’s been a gradual change and those can get taken for granted. And literally all of them (except maybe Snow) have shown through their words and actions that they assume evil was Regina’s default, and becoming anything else would take work because it’d be going against her nature.

Who has ever asked Regina why she would do terrible things—asked and didn’t accept the cliche too-simple answers? Who has ever asked for her full story, beyond the whole Snow-and-Daniel events? Nobody. They all to one extent or another believe the propaganda that she has always been one step shy from giving into the darkness and becoming a batshit crazy Evil Queen, some of which Regina herself internalized and purposely projected. Fuck you very much Rumple and Jefferson and Whale.

But if you plop Marian-from-the-past into the middle of current Storybrooke, it might be a whole different story. The contrast that Marian will be able to see between past Regina and current Regina? It should be mind-boggling. And if Marian is anything like my headcanon version of her, she’s going to want answers from Regina herself. She’s going to demand the entire story, and she’s not going to fall for platitudes. She’s going to keep asking questions until it makes sense, because otherwise nothing about this ridiculous town makes sense.

And Regina, devastated by the loss of her new love, might actually be honest. Why not? What else does she have to lose? It’s not like she could be any more vulnerable. Why not tell everything? Henry and Emma and Snow and Tinkerbell don’t care about her background, just as long as she keeps on the straight and narrow these days. And until Marian did care about where she came from, she thought she was okay with that. But Regina has all these hurts stored up in her that she’s never told to anyone, because no one ever thought to ask, and they matter, and they’re the missing pieces between a sweethearted horse-loving girl and a bitter vengeful queen.

It’s not just about losing Daniel, it’s about what that symbolized. It’s not just about being forced to marry Leopold, it’s about what that symbolized. It’s about Regina’s whole life being full of aggressions and microaggressions and loss and pain that all add up to a maddening hurt that is too big for her heart to handle, too big for any kind of rational emotion, too big for words. Hurt and pain turned to hatred, because what else was there for Regina; yet even at the height of her revelry in death and vengeance, it didn’t satisfy. It wasn’t who she really was.

Regina didn’t give up the darkness for Henry or anyone else, she did it for herself. Because the hatred got too tiring and the magic didn’t give her the life she wanted. As an addict, it took her a while to realize it, but she did. She didn’t change from evil to good, she changed from good to evil and then backto good. Which isn’t so hard of a journey. Which makes sense.

Yet even now, the hurt has barely been touched, let alone healed. Every day is a subtle fight against people who trust her but only conditionally. Who don’t really care about the hurt, who imply that they want her to be “over it” and to “be good now”. Who don’t even seem to believe the hurt was all that bad. It’s wearying and yet she’s the ~evil one, so she’s not allowed to object to what they, the ~good ones, think of her. She accepted their rules and buried the hurt and wearily hoped it’d get better and happier. But it didn’t, and each fresh hurt opens up a thousand old ones that were never addressed and respected and given any kind of healing.

That’s what she tells Marian, in a rush of words that are more feelings than ideas, and that’s the conversation that breaks through Marian’s anger and frustration and despair. Suddenly Regina makes sense, former Evil Queen or not. Regina makes sense and no one else does, in face of how they treat her.

Marian is an outlaw through and through—she doesn’t ascribe to black and white moralities. She understands what pushed Regina to the brink. She doesn’t believe that redemption must be earned by further suffering. She doesn’t believe that anyone deserves to be hurt like Regina has been hurt, no matter their response. She’s sharp and stubborn that way, with a heart that aches for those who’ve been continually beaten and stomped to the ground.

Regina bares herself to Marian, expecting to be dismissed and belittled and have none of it matter because “You’re the Evil Queen” and yet Marian accepts it. Marian asks more questions. Marian is intrigued. Marian is even…protective? And it’s Maiden Queen from then on…

Confession: Regina didn’t ping* my gaydar with Emma, but with that nurse.

Note how it was just that one scene, and we never see her again.

*The “ping” is actually a bomb siren.


This just feeds my head cannon that Regina and Granny are secret BFF’s. Like, during the missing year, Granny realized how sad and misunderstood Regina was, and wanted to protect her like the “granny” she is. And now they show their love through sass-offs and everything is beautiful!

Regina sends Granny sassy texts about her lasagna.

"Everybody liked my lasagna better than hours. Have a nice day."

"Is this your way of asking for a lasagna cook-off? Bring it on, bitch."

"I would, but I don’t want to embarrass you."


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Head canon: Regina actually had no problem with Granny, and Granny, for the most part, likes that Regina’s got some personality, unlike some other Royals.

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Awwww could Lana be any more adorable!

This is my OTP

*whispers* please wear an SEI approved helmet at all times when riding, kids

Also, deemnfic, Sancho? 


Head canon: Regina definitely talked to her horse. The horse understands.

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This is my like fav photo ev. They look like totes bored teenagers together.
Photo SO not mine (I wish)


This is my like fav photo ev. They look like totes bored teenagers together.

Photo SO not mine (I wish)