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Onyx Queen: Why

Abby had to admit that, aside from the issue of abandoning Kiki and breaking her heart, Regina was actually pretty good company—her GOP sympathies notwithstanding. Seriously, how the hell can someone be an undocumented Latina immigrant and be Republican?

But one question had been gnawing at her since she first saw Regina in that maze of tunnels beneath the city. It came up one evening when they had all been hanging out. Abby probably had more wine than was advisable that night, but as Kiki dug around in the closet for a board game or two, she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

"Why Kiki?"

"I’m sorry?"

"Why Kiki?"

"I don’t think I have to justify my relationship with Kiki to you."

"Look, I get why she wants you, OK? It’s like she’s a moth, and you’re the flame. She can’t help but fly to you. You can have anybody you want, anybody at all. Why Kiki? Why not someone you can’t burn up?"

(For weeks, Regina would toss in turn in her sleep as she dreamed she was on fire. In the dream, a lunar moth would fly around her, and she would make herself dizzy as she turned her head this way and that just so she would not miss a moment of this delightful creature floating on the air. She would yearn to touch the moth, yearn to bring it closer to her light and heat, but as soon as she touched it, it would turn to ash.

"Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!")

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Regina in real life compared to rulers in our world..


Personal vendettas carried about by monarchs is not uncommon…the shit is fucked allll the way up and the fact that common people lose their lives for beefs far beyond their realm of living is always always tragic…but that is what war is, tragedy and destruction.

Whenever I look at Regina it’s encompassing all that she is (WOC , not conforming to “traditional” gender roles or sexuality) and she is a fucking queen. None of that gets seperated because all of who she is is what causes the response to her. There is no shutting off sexism racism or other isms because they arr causing problems.

Her being queen puts a completely different angle on the actions she carried out. She was not a witch in the forest murdering villagers with fire balls..she was a queen that gave orders to show no mercy for those protecting someone who committed crimes against the throne…(made up or not, that was the charge)

I am just saying be real about why you don’t like homegirl. Motherfuckers celebrating Cleopatra (love her myself by the way) who killed both her siblings for the thrown (its more to it look it up) , celebrating Alexander…or hell even staying within the show talking about how bad ass Rumple is….but the angle on Regina is that she is crazy,broken and evil…oh ok


Regina Mills is a kitten testing out her claws compared to the shit people in the real world got up to for reasons that made way less sense than hating someone’s guts.

We’re not even talking about the worst shit like genocide and chattel slavery. That is a whole level of fucked up that is the culmination of the deep sicknesses dwelling within society.

History was way worse than fiction.

(And speaking of fiction, Regina Mills is no Joffrey Baratheon on the scumbag rulers front.)

Re: Regina's hair stylist. Guuuuuurl, I got a whole head canon about Peaches, goddess of The Hair, She Who Makes Sure That Do Stay Laid, She For Whom Kings Wait In Line...


Ooh! Care to share?

Peaches is a multi-dimensional being. Besides Regina, she also has Loki and Pam from True Blood on speed dial.

All these powerful beings—queens, superheroes, gods—get real humble and polite when talking to Peaches.

BTW, Peaches is Black.

"I’ve been to jail, Peaches. Please squeeze me in. Please?"

Pantera, “Shedding Skin”

If this doesn’t describe Regina’s grand transformations, I don’t know what does.

Onyx Queen: Laughter

When she saw Regina for the first time in four years, Kiki laughed.

Not a snicker or a chuckle. A full-out, gut-busting belly laugh that started all the way from her toes and came out of her mouth in wave after wave of laughter and made tears leak from her eyes as her ha-ha-ha became a ki-ki-ki (which, incidentally, is how she initially came to be known as Kiki).

And just when she was about to recover, she’d take one look at Regina—who was gawking at Kiki in a most Emma Swan-like fashion—and start laughing again.

"Kiki? Are you OK?" asked Abby.

"Fuck my life," Kiki said, and she laughed even more.

It took her nearly half an hour before her laughter wore her out. As her eyes drooped, she would still giggle intermittently while Regina and Abby argued (in whispers) about who got to give Kiki a pillow and blanket.

(“I don’t need your help. For your information, this was my house.”

"I got this."

"That blanket’s too thick. She’ll get hot."

"She’ll be fine."

"Give me the damn pillow!"

"Be quiet! You’re going to wake her up.")

As Kiki slept, she dreamed that she turned into a small, bright star and that the darkness of space folded itself around her and held her close to its throbbing core. The darkness pulsed with delight as she shone inside it.

Are there any fics that acknowledge Regina being Latina (and not just through epithets or a few lines) in the nominated/winning fics?







I’m a bit confused Anon, are you referring to fics that have her speaking Spanish every now and then, her speaking Spanish the entire time, or have her explicitly described as Latina?

'Cause I haven't read all the fics yet, but I'm sure there are a whole bunch, and since our lovely fandom are the ones that chose the nominated and winning fics, I'm sure that most fics do include pretty big references to Regina's heritage, since it's a popular headcanon.

You can always try to ctrl + f and look up the choice words that you want to see if it shows up and decide if the fic is worthwhile [if you haven’t been spoiled while searching for those key words?]

hi, i saw this post and i just wanted to point out that it is not headcanon that regina is Latina but actual canon. 

and…very few fics actually do acknowledge that regina is Latina.  and i sincerely doubt a ctrl+f search will pull up what the anon is looking for unless they want to read a fic that constantly refers to regina as “the Latina.”

Okay, bear with me here sqfanawards, because there’s gonna be a mix of sociological terminology and real life experiences being causally sprinkled throughout this reply, and in order to fully unpack what’s all at play here, we’re gonna have to talk about the history of Hollywood and casting practices. So with that all in mind here goes nothing:

In defense of everyone participating in this discussion, season one is very uneven with regards to this topic and first impressions are everything.

Hollywood also has a long, long history of casting against someone’s ethnicity, whitewashing entirely or just shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘Eh, close enough’ because brown is brown, right? (See: “Sakina Jaffrey is Indian as the day is long, but okay sure, House of Cards, I guess she can be Latina. You too Sleepy Hollow.”)

So while I’m extremely disappointed in this notion that we somehow carry the burden of proof, I understand historically why you feel that is something that needs to be done. I mean, Frankie Muniz and Alexis Bledel have both played white characters, full stop, with no space within the text of the show to imagine them otherwise (maybe Rory Gilmore—I don’t know I haven’t seen the entirety of that show).

Another challenge here—despite what some of us will claim MYSELF INCLUDED—is it is hard to portray in mass media any group that is not part of what is generally perceived to be the dominate culture. Because any given work will be consumed by an extremely broad audience, and in order to get the point across some artists will both purposefully and (more oft times) not-so-purposefully exaggerate ethnic stereotypes because that’s how they feel it’s gotta be.

And this is one of those chicken and egg things, because, well, they’re not entirely wrong. Most privileged folks will cheerfully ignore or outright deny the more subtle signifiers of race. If she’s not crooning, “Twelve in a room in America!” well then, she must not be Boricua.

Case in point: This discussion we are having right now. This, right here, is an example of how, in order for our identities to be validated, we almost have to turn ourselves into utter caricatures just to be seen. Not only is that bullshit, but it’s fucking harmful as all fuck. For everyone.

What I’m trying to get at here is, it takes finesse and frankly, experience to write this sort of thing well. But that’s difficult, when the examples we end up learning from are so messed up to begin with that we just end up perpetuating these things.

So I understand sociopsychologically why some authors would feel the need to write with little epitaphs with no thought or consideration for the actual reality of the character.

But here’s the thing—none of that is an excuse. You want fanfic to be redemptive? You want fandom to be a ‘Take that!’ to the corporations who own the stories—to be the capital “T” capital “V” True Voice of the people?

Then you’ve got to fucking earn it, folks.

These characters folks are writing are not just slapdash cardboard cutouts. Not if you writing well anyhow. You got to think about what being for them means.

Regina is Latina, the daughter of a mixed parentage, and she grew up in the White (German infused and inspired) kingdom. That’s canon—whatever that means—and that’s gonna profoundly affect her outlook on the world.

And other folks interpretation doesn’t have to be the same as other writers! But it’s got to be grounded, it’s got got to be there. It’s gotta be feel real.

Okay I feel like we’re tackling a few subjects, so let me just start ticking them off by simple to the more complex [simple being where we are in agreement, and complex where you and I don’t share the same POV].

… continued

Parts of this conversation is complex.  But really what is being asked is simple — that people of colour be treated as people of colour in fiction.

I’m not talking about ‘bringing up’ their race or ethnic identities or skin colour.  I’m talking about honoring these characters as people that have a life affected by their race or ethnic identities or skin colour, and that it isn’t a switch.  Because it isn’t a switch in real life.

Many people often spout it’s fiction, it doesn’t matter, who cares.  The truth is, fiction does not exist in a vacuum.  It cannot be taken out of context ever.  Because all fiction is being manufactured by real people and is being consumed by real people.  Our experiences in life inform our experiences with fiction.

The media is how we mass distribute information.  When the information that we choose to distribute is harmful, labeling it fiction — and therefore self-contained and fake — is not an excuse, because as soon a person has taken that information in, the effect is real.

I am Chinese Canadian.  I have a friend that is a Chinese Canadian cis-man, who also works as an actor.  He tells me that when he watched The Hangover, he identified as the Bradley Cooper character because that character is marketed as a protagonist, and he himself has friends, he drinks, he has found himself in hilarious hungover situations.  But the next time he was out with his friends, they poked and prodded him, threw racialized humour at him as in the movie, and considered it a fun time.  It wasn’t fun for him.  He explained that while he saw himself as Bradley Cooper, he realized that other people only saw him — and thus treated him — as the naked chinaman that was tossed in a trunk, the harmful dehumanizing caricature perpetuated in the movie, the butt-end of a racial joke.  My heart stopped.

sqfanawards, your post asks for fact, proof and explicit statements re: Regina’s heritage and race.  Here is a fact that I can provide: race and ethnic identities are not conditional, it is not an optional character trait, it is relevant 100% of the time.  It isn’t ever “superfluous” in life, it is an inextricable part of who a person is, it impacts how a person lives.  Therefore, if a story is to portray a human being well, how can those identities be “superfluous”?  How does it not impact that character’s story?  The answer is: when we homogenize, then default characters to ‘colour-blind’ white or a generalized white culture.  The kicker is: people of colour in real life do not have that privilege of being treated as ‘without colour’, and so, when that outright erasure happens in fiction, it isn’t an extra detail that could or could not be included, it is a life of triumphs and hardships and pain that is being stripped and thoughtlessly dismissed as unimportant.  To what purpose?  What is the point of that?  I honestly have not been able to understand the motivations of such actions unless it has been about racist behaviours.  If not racist, then how come participate in perpetuating racist behaviours?

I have pored over the above post to try and be specific about what is problematic about such point of views, and it has been a painful experience each time that I have read that post.  Because I have been ashamed of my race, ethnic identity, skin colour, and hide those facts about myself in spite of the fact that it is obvious I am not white, in spite of the fact that I have not pointed it out.  Because I have held some of those same views that have been outlined in your post.  I have since realized for myself that those views were fabricated out of my own internalized racism.  That is what erasure in life and in fiction does.  It makes me afraid to stand out from the white dominant culture.  It makes me try to convince myself that I can appear white and therefore be treated as white.  Because otherwise I don’t “add to the story”.  Because if we follow that POV to its logical end, my racial experiences are not of value in most cases, therefore whatever … but that dehumanizes me because of my race, and what is that?  That is oppressive, racist behaviour.

You do not believe that a fic should have to mention Regina’s identity as a woman of colour x amount of times, or that there needs to be a constant reminder, because it would be “as bad as portraying her in sterotypical fashion.”  That is precisely what both alinaandalion and elsodex have pointed out as harmful and reductionist.  To simply label her as The Latina is not the point here.  I believe, what we are truly challenging for is the clear informed inclusion of the realities of her life as a woman of colour — specifically Latina — and those daily impacts and influences, because that is what is real, and that is what we as people of colour have the right to.  To deny it is oppressive, racist behaviour.

I have also read other posts made by you that state you in fact do not deny her identity as a woman of colour, but that pinpointing it as a specific identity isn’t necessary.  I feel that kind of belief is based in a fundamental misunderstanding of the terms used.  It is necessary to be specific because people are not catch-all terms, because if not specific we are left with only vague indicators that result in generalizations, stereotypes, homogenization, and erasure.  Because it is ‘easier’ to default to a white comprehension of a person even while the term person of colour is being used because that term can mean and include all sorts of identities therein and isn’t specific.  

"How are people supposed to make it so evident while also making it flow properly"?  My answer: it’s called learning and making the effort.  It is difficult, but as elsodex has explained, that is not an excuse.  I fail at it all the time, but that is on me to better educate myself, to better put it into practice, to learn from others who do it well.  If Regina is truthfully rendered a fully realized human being in a fic, her racial and ethnic identity will “flow” in her behaviours, her daily routines, her choices, and it will be painfully “evident” in how others treat her.  If you need an example of what that looks like, I have read fic that will not forget for a moment that she is Latina, and have moved me so to re-examine my own hang-ups and conceptions about identities.  They exist.

How come Latina, and not Hispanic?  How come either one of those identities?  Such countries don’t exist in FTL?  elsodex has made an immensely personal and passionate post in response that speaks to those identities.  These are self-identified social cultural constructs that exist in our realities.  Those are chosen terms.  Perhaps, FTL has chosen different terms.  But the canon is that FTL has been inserted into our realities, that is the entire premise, that they have identities, memories, and now experiences of having a life in our world.  How come Regina can’t be Latina?  How come that can’t be her own understanding of her heritage, racial and ethnic identities now as based in our world, where she has ventured out beyond the town line and interacted with people of our societies?

The effort put into proving she isn’t Latina, is effort that could be put into being better informed about “the finer points” of her life as a Latina, no?

Lana Parrilla has explicitly stated multiple times that Regina is Latina, and that she applies her experiences as a Latina of mixed parentage to her portrayal of the character.  Regina’s paternal family is portrayed by actors of Latino or Hispanic identities.  How much more explicit must it be?  Regina hasn’t said “I am Latina”, but Lana Parrilla has.  You posit that an average audience member that only watches the show and not the interviews etc. would not know that information, but you know it, and the fandom knows it, so why still debate the fact that Lana Parrilla portrays Regina as Latina in fandom?

Regina has not said “I am Latina” in show, therefore you can’t accept that she is Latina.

Emma has not said “I am bisexual, or a lesbian” in show, and has only been seen to date men.

Henry has not said “I am a boy” in show.

Mary Margaret has not said “I am white” in show.

These are not facetious.  I am simply applying your logic to other identities as such and am honestly asking for proof, as you have.  You have since also brought Mulan’s racial and ethnic identities into question.  Mulan is a fictional character from a Chinese ballad.  Her story is inextricably tied to the culture.  Her choices are a result of her life as a Chinese woman in that culture.  To take Mulan, generalize her identities so that she is merely a ‘person of colour’, and then to broadcast and profit from her in a mass white media culture, where erasure occurs every day, well, that is purposeful oppressive racist behaviour.

Here’s the thing, I used to employ the ‘person first’ argument all the time.  Your’re a person first was my attempt to rationalize the dehumanizing actions of erasure for the sake of my own comfort, for the sake of my own position as a compliant participant of oppressive racist behaviours.  I’m a person first, I would shout at the same time to convince people to respectfully treat me as a person instead of a stereotype of my race and ethnic identity.  But race isn’t secondary.  People are not laundry lists.  Every one of my identities coexist at the same time, in the same space, in me.  I am a person, and those identities are with me and affect me 100% of the time.   

This brings me to the most dehumanizing comment of that post.  You mitigate the comparison by claiming that you are not equating Regina being Latina to Emma’s red leather jacket, but that is precisely what you do first, and that harm is not lessened by explaining afterwards that your actual intent is to provide a “demonstration by the absurd with something similar-ish”.  How is a person’s race, ethnic identity, heritage — how that impacts their life — “similar-ish” to an object that can be taken off, or thrown in the trash because the object no longer suits that person?  Emma’s red leather jacket is an iconic visual indicator of some of her characteristics based on choices, but it’s a jacket.  People being harmed by the erasure of Regina’s Latina identity is not comparable to people asking about Emma’s missing jacket.

That post is exactly the reason that the acknowledgment and inclusion of Regina’s Latina identity is important.  Because that identity isn’t a jacket that I can swap out when the weather turns cold.  

It isn’t that a fic must be about the racial and ethnic identities of a character to be a well-told story, but it is the insistence that these identities are better off taken out than risk a “false assumption”, or because it doesn’t make sense in context that is harmful as fuck.  It is in context no matter what because that is who the person is, and that inevitably informs the choices they make.  It’s as simple as that. 

If racism and erasure does not affect you, that is a fortunate existence.  If that is so, then why not support those who ask for fair representation of people of colour characters played by people of colour actors because it affects them?  sqfanawards, you say that you acknowledge Regina is a woman of colour, but not necessarily Latina vs. Hispanic vs. other identities, and I am letting you know that your continued contention of this point is misinformed and harmful to many people.  If clarification is needed about the terms Latino and Hispanic, I would like once more to point to the post elsodex made in response.

First, I’m taking this post dancing.

Next, I’m going to remind you that all this shit people are talking about is why Swan Queen fandom is flat-out hostile to my well-being as a person of color.

Comparing all the joy, pain, triumph, and tragedy of being a Black woman in America to a fucking piece of clothing says everything that needs to be said about why this fandom has been particularly disappointing and heartbreaking for me.

Lana is always soooooo excited about Regina/The Evil Queen being Latina


Then its assholes in fandom who debate that shit.

One of the nicer things A&E did was freely wihout heistation back up Regina being Latina..

And even had her parental heritage on the show be similar to what she is in real life…

both in real life and on the show her maternal side is non latina her paternal side is though

But motherfuckers want to argue up and fucking down that it is a fucking happenstance or some shit that the actors who played her father (both young and old) and grandfather are Latinos…

So who the fuck has to affirm that shit the actress and the writers/creators have said she is Latina.

I guess Lancelot and Rapunzel just had tans because the enchanted forest is without race right?


I’ve said it before, and I’ma keep saying it until it sinks in…

It is more important for fictional realities to provide real representation for real people in the real world than for real people in the real world to yield their real identities and their real experiences to hypothetical fictional contexts of race and gender.

The Enchanted Forest may not have the same history as our world, but the show is created by real people in the real world with a real history, and part of that history is telling people of color, especially women of color, that we cannot be the star, we cannot be complex in our humanity, that we cannot be part of a world with magic and true love and other fantastic things.

The Evil Queen is Latina, and it fucking matters.

Because it seems to happen everytime….


Is the humanity of PoC so alien to folks that they need to be dehumanized in order for people to recognize that they’re not white?  Is whitewashing supposed to be a “compliment” for characters who are likable and important enough to be in feature roles?  Is the whitewashing an attempt to empathize with someone from a group that is traditionally dehumanized due to their lack of whiteness?  Because I notice that characters that can’t be whitewashed and assimilated usually become very unpopular, and/or the creator is accused of ruining the series or character.  

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*sips tea at the part I bolded*

Does that sound familiar?

"Just because Lana’s Latina doesn’t mean that Regina—" SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Lana herself has said in a Nuevo Impact interview that roles that people never thought of as Latina roles become Latina roles by virtue of her playing them. And it’s fucking obvious by how she talks about it that she experiences her Latina identity as a racialized identity (aka SHE AIN’T WHITE!).

Also: ”Why can’t she be from Brooklyn? Why can’t she be Puerto Rican?

Sep 8


just cause i’m already in that zone from yesterday

burn the word broken. every time you feel that word leave your mouth or fingers when describing regina mills, take it out and burn it, throw it in the trash, toss it in compost. broken is for bones and alarm clocks and fridges and sinks. it is not for people. it is not for women of color. pain and history does not exist for you to patch up with self righteous tape. it does not exist for you to look at and affirm your own (white, privileged) humanity. it does not exist for you to use it to reduce those who feel that pain and have that history. to infantilize them and treat them like they are not whole just as they are. regina mills does not need saving from herself.

so like please. chill on the broken bullshit

Sep 8

Onyx Queen: Weird

Mistress had been acting odd of late. Well, more odd than usual, if it were to be honest.

Instead of using it to hunt down stray demons in this city of feeble humans, Mistress used it to perform a strange arcane ritual called redecorating. It could not comprehend the secrets behind the colors, patterns, and accessories Mistress chose, or what she expected it to say when she asked, “How’s that?”

(When it shrugged, she rolled her eyes and muttered, “Useless.” That was more along the lines of what it was used to.)

But that wasn’t the only odd thing about Mistress these days. Sometimes, when she thought it wasn’t looking, and for seemingly no reason at all, Mistress would smile.

Not one a mocking smile, or a deadly smile, or one of her manipulative smiles—and certainly not one of her vanquishing her enemies smiles either—but a genuine smile that made her whole face light up so bright that it would have thought the moon was in the room with it.

Then she would do something truly bizarre and scratch the top of its head right between its horns, and the gesture would make it purr (a sound that, to mortal ears, sounded like a buzz saw).

And yet, strangest of all, it found itself wanting Mistress to do this weird smiling thing more often.

Sep 8


this has probably been said like a billion times but like, when people describe other people as being “broken” or “damaged” like. lamps can be broken. cars can be broken. you’ve probably returned an item to a store because it was damaged.

what is wrong with humanizing words like “hurt”? people get hurt, you can’t hurt objects. like maybe you’ll personify your personal belongings but you don’t truly believe that your laptop or whatever is sentient. what are the implications of that when people refuse to say “hurt” and instead go for “broken.” like you see

what is the appeal of having someone “fixed” rather than comforting them, or helping them to heal? is it absolving yourself/systems from any blame? caring about a person but not about what outside forces are hurting said person? is that still truly considered caring?


*whispers* When you account for race and gender, this “broken” shit gets really, really unnerving.

Sep 4

A thought about Regina Mills



Well… here’s the thing:

Why Regina’s character is so endearing and why we love her as the mother of Henry?

I think it’s because Emma is the kind of mother that everyone would like to have: cool, relaxed, you know… but Regina is the mother that we all have: careful,…

This. The number of people who say that Regina is abusive because she doesn’t give Henry what he wants is just baffling. It is not a parent’s job to give their child whatever he wants. That’s why Henry was more drawn to Emma in the beginning. She’s always been more of a friend than a parent.

Regina lets Henry get away with MURDER, (er so to speak),People who say she’s ~so controlling~ of him confound me,Do you know what my mother would’ve done if 10yo me stole a credit card and left the state?,I’d get my ass handed to me, I would not be seeing the outside of my room except for school and meals until I was 12,And for good reason, Curse or no, That shit he pulled was dangerous

Do y’all know what would’ve happened to my Black ass if I did the shit Henry did, or talked back to my mama like Henry did? 

Shiiit, even I don’t know that shit because my mind literally does not go there. I simply cannot conceive of doing that, and whenever I try, I draw a blank.

(This is how you know a mother of color was not on the writing team.)

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