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First let’s be clear about this.

“Unemployment” does not refer to people too lazy to work or to the losers who have failed to secure an available job.

What unemployment means is that there are no available jobs. It means that X number of people are being denied work. The unemployed are not those who refuse work, or who do not seek work, or even those with poor “job-seeking” skills. The unemployed are that percentage of the population whose right to earn a living is being denied to them. The 7 percent or so unemployment rate we have had in the years following the crisis year of the Great Recession refers to the percentage of the work-force for which no jobs exist to seek, to find or to fill.

This is why the better measure of unemployment is the ratio of job-seekers to job openings. That ratio has not sunk below 3 to 1 since the Great Recession. That means that if in a single miraculous instant, every mismatch of geography, skill-set and pay-scale were met and every job opening were filled at once, then two-thirds of our unemployed would remain unemployed. And at that point there would be no reason for any of them to send out résumés, brush up on their interview skills, or do any of that other victim-blaming make-work we expect them to do, unpaid, until such time as someone deigns to allow them to earn a living again.

I prefer that ratio as a measurement of unemployment because it proves — proves — that all of the moralizing lectures levied at the unemployed are cruel and absurd.


Unemployment is ‘evil,’ the ‘opposite of just’ and ‘a real social disaster’

Everyone must read this.

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This this this.

The way society treats unemployment is like bringing 10 hungry people together, putting out 2 apples and waiting to see what hapens. Then, after the two people fastests/strongest/closest to the apples have eaten, they turn on the other 8 and ask “Why haven’t you eaten?”, “Are you too lazy to eat?”, “Do you enjoy being hungry?”, “I’m sure you could have gotten that apple if you had tried harder”. Conveniently forgetting that there wasn’t enough food made available in the first place.

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American Capitalism is preserved by two essential and integral factors: fraud and force. Fraud is the ideological and cultural hegemony of the capitalist creed: that enterprise is free and competition exists for all in the marketplace; that success is available for all who work hard, accumulate capital, and participate as voters in the electoral process; that democratic government is dependent upon the freedom to own private property. Blacks, Latinos, and white workers are barraged daily with illusions about the inherent justice and equal opportunity within the American System. The educational institutions, churches, media and popular culture all in their own way participate in creating the logical framework for a system that remains irrational and inhumane. Beneath the velvet glove of fraud exists the iron fist of force. For reasons of history, Black people are more aware than whites of this delicate dichotomy between consensus vs. coercion. The essence of slavery was coercion of the most primitive kind - the relationships between master and slave were characterized by mutual distrust, fear, hatred and undisguised force. All slaves, whether the proverbial Uncle Toms or Nat Turners, recognized that production could not take place without the daily use of physical or psychological violence. Even the most paternalistic master had to divide Black families occasionally or employ the whip to get the crop to market on schedule. Under industrial capitalism, however, the essence of production involves force of a different kind: the extraction of surplus value from the labor power of the worker. Force is generally disguised within capitalist societies with democratic forms of government. The worker never receives the actual or real value of his/her own labor, but is technically “free” to sell his/her skills or services to the highest bidder, or employer. Blue collar and service workers are “less free” than professional workers, but all are forced to accept the conditions of employment that the owners of capital are willing to grant.

- Manning Marable, How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America (via goneril-and-regan)



instead of paying women the same as men, pay men the same as women and see how angry they get

And give white people— even billionaire CEOs— the same pay as a worker/employee of Color and watch the hysteria really fly. Just a reminder that capitalism is inherently racist/white-supremacist and misogynistic.




if capitalism is so voluntary, why does america have to keep using the cia to make sure other countries keep it?

If the free market naturally corrects problems, why do we have to give subsidies to large business interests and bail out banks?

If capitalism ensures that those that work the hardest make the most money, why doesn’t a coal miner make as much as a CEO?

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If you’re having trouble finding a job, it ain’t you.

People Don’t Understand What Dependency Actually Means


Saying basic income makes people dependent on the state is like saying cars make people dependent on the road. When your environment requires a car to get around, you’re more dependent without the car, not with it. Put two and two together here. 

People talk like basic income makes people dependent on the state, but when your basic needs get met, you’re less dependent, period. Which is more dependent: Sick in a homeless shelter, or healthy in a stable home and able to seek work? Basic income guarantees the latter. Same thing with single-payer healthcare. Long-term inpatient care for a preventable disease is more dependent than that disease prevented.

A person not saddled with a mountain of healthcare bills is more independent. A college graduate not crushed under student loans is more educated and more independent.

The “free market” being sold to us doesn’t give freedom. It shackles us in the name of freedom for someone else.

Dec 5

New Study Confirms that Lower Corporate Tax Rates Don’t Create Jobs


Funny how all these conservative tropes don’t hold up in the real world, yet they continually repeat them.

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Dec 1

One of the most troubling things about the AIDS epidemic is that it could have been stopped so easily by rolling out life-saving antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) early on. Not only do ARVs prevent HIV from developing into AIDS, they also reduce transmission rates and increase people’s willingness to get tested.

But Western pharmaceutical corporations have colluded in pricing these essential drugs way out of reach of the poor. When they were first introduced, patented ARVs cost up to $15,000 per yearly regimen. Generic producers were able to manufacture the same drugs for a mere fraction of the price, but the WTO outlawed this through the 1995 TRIPS agreement to protect Big Pharma’s monopoly.

It was not until 2003 that the WTO bowed to activist pressure and allowed southern Africa to import generics, but by then it was too late – HIV prevalence had already reached devastating proportions. In other words, much of the region’s AIDS burden can be directly attributed to the WTO’s rules and the corporations that defended them. And they are set to strike again: the WTO will cut patent exemptions for poor countries after 2016.

This dearth of basic drugs has gone hand in hand with the general collapse of public health institutions. Structural adjustment and WTO trade policies have forced states to cut spending on hospitals and staff in order to repay odious debts to the West. Swaziland, ground-zero in the world of AIDS, has been hit hard by these cuts. When I last visited I found that many once-bustling clinics are now empty and dilapidated. Neoliberalism has systematically destroyed the first line of defence against AIDS.

The point I want to drive home is that the policies that deny poor people access to life-saving drugs and destroy public healthcare come from the same institutions and interests that helped create the conditions for HIV transmission in the first place.

- Neoliberal plague: AIDS and global capitalism (via sociolab)

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Failure of course, goes hand in hand with capitalism. A market economy must have winners and losers, gamblers and risk takers, con men and dupes; capitalism… requires that everyone live in a system that equates success with profit and links failure to the inability to accumulate wealth even as profit for some means certain losses for others.

- J. Jack Halberstam  (via intolerablehope)

Capitalism: a cold and dreary system which represents our fellow creatures as so many rivals and enemies which makes us believe that their happiness is incompatible with our own, which builds our wealth upon their poverty, which would persuade us to look on the world in the light of a besieged town where the death of our neighbors is hailed with secret satisfaction.


anonymous graffiti and definition found in london 1821 (via antidelusions)

graffiti back then was way better imo

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Sep 3


capitalism is antithetical to the human condition. it has necessitated a damaging emotional severance from not only each other but ourselves as well. it has turned our need for human contact and relationships into a privilege that only a few can afford without having to compromise their survival. capitalism has deteriorated our bonds as people in order to serve the interests of the ruling class. it is destroying our humanity. it has turned our very existence into a civil war.

Sep 2

New Study Finds That State Crime Labs Are Paid Per Conviction



LTMC: Your prison-industrial complex at work.

chapter 2342 of “why it’s bad to mix law enforcement and financial incentives”

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15 Major Corporations You Never Knew Profited from Slavery - Atlanta Black Star


It’s so uncanny how the Barclays corporation had a hand in the slave trade and Jay-Z had a hand in building the Barclays center in downtown Brooklyn. *singsong voice* Ironyyyyy! 

"I don’t benefit from slavery! Why are you mad about something my ancestors did?"

ETA: I notice that despite the apologies, none of these muthafuckas is sorry enough to give Black folks shit.

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