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Yes, black America still lives on the brink of fear. For all the progress we have made, dues we have paid, degrees we have acquired and presidencies we have won, we can all recite the story of the father, son, daughter or niece who has gone from citizen to suspect in an instant — the son frisked, the cousin shoved against the car, the uncle badly beaten — and, more often than should be, the nephew convicted of a crime he didn’t commit or, worse, shot dead by the police.

- “Why We Cared So Much About Troy Davis” by Joel Dreyfuss (via colorblinding)

I am not Troy Davis.



On the one hand I think it’s interesting and hopeful that white people (because POC don’t need another lesson) are personally identifying with the horrific injustice of Mr. Davis’ case, and that they are mobilizing. That they are recognizing how racially unequal the justice and prison system is, in general. For every Troy Davis we hear about there are hundreds and thousands that we don’t.

On the other hand we white folks really aren’t Troy Davis. We white folks are the governor who refused clemency, the parole board that disallowed the polygraph, we are the DA that pushed for prosecution based on little to no evidence in an attempt to placate the politicians, we are the cops who coerce testimonies and confessions and statements, we make false claims about ‘black men in ski masks’ stealing our babies because we know the white cops will more readily believe us.

And it’s for that reason, white folks, that black folks are justifiably cranky about you saying ‘I Am Troy Davis’. It’s ignorant. It’s insulting. Most importantly, it’s a useless maneuver around the the truth, and around the ultimate point.

Because white folks, we really aren’t Troy Davis. The likelihood that what happened to Troy Davis would ever happen to a college educated white man is slim to none; a young white man convicted of a capital murder with no weapon, no dna and no fingerprints? Are you kidding me?  Wouldn’t happen.

We are the executioners, the institutions, the media and the system. That, however does not mean there isn’t power and hope in acknowledging that position. It is in that role that we have the ability to change the ideology and ignorance that fuels those structures that failed him so completely; We can refuse to continue enabling the racism and fear and ignorance that these corrupt systems are built on.

I’m not Troy Davis, and you, upper middle class white bro in your Prius on the way to the Odd Future show, are not Troy Davis either.  Co-opting the part of ‘victimized and oppressed’ because you feel awful about it, changes nothing. I feel bad about it too. It is incomprehensible and maddening and scary and tragic, and it’s not the world I want to live in.  But the problem here is that if I wanted to hold a picture in front of my face as some grand gesture, it would be more honest to hold the picture of the executioner. The bad public defender. The judges, the juries. It’s our own biases and ignorance that allowed him to be convicted on such flimsy evidence in the first place. 

Is that embarrassing and humiliating and distressing? Yep. But that’s something I have to take responsibility for. We have to.

Only in taking responsibility for how fucked up this system is, as a member of the privileged, historically oppressive group that created and maintained the system that allowed this to happen, can things change.

I am the privileged and I refuse to let this continue.

White people, come get your folks.

Come get aaaaalllll of them…especially the mothafuckas who devoured “Derailing for Dummies”.


This Political Cartoon Is Perfect. This Is Nothing But Modern Day Lynching And Its Sad.


This Political Cartoon Is Perfect. This Is Nothing But Modern Day Lynching And Its Sad.

A KKK member once said they dont need to walk around in sheets, they get us by becoming officers, judges, & lawyers.


—self explanatoryy .

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Courts in GA sought the death penalty for 70% of black defendants with white victims but for only 15% of white defendants with black victim.

- ACLU (via black-culture)


the problem is the part where it feels like the world will never change, and you’re so weary, and you just don’t know what to do about it anymore.

Troy Davis


I know the information is slightly overwhelming, so I’ve compiled a list of numbers, petitions and other information from around Tumblr and the internet if you’d like to try help Troy Davis.


Innocence Project

Amnesty International

Colour of Change


Phone and fax numbers:

Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles: 404-656-5651

Georgia State Supreme Court: 404-656-3470

Savannah District Attorney, Larry Chisolm. Ask him to urge the local judge to vacate the execution warrant. Fax: 912-652-7328, Phone: 912-652-7308.

Local judge, Penny Haas Freesman. Ask her to vacate the warrant. Phone: (912) 652-7252

Governor Nathan Deal. Ask him to use his influence to encourage the board to grant clemency. Phone: 404-656-1776.

Vigils in Georgia:

a) Capitol vigil – 6pm

b) Prison vigil – 5:30pm across the street from the prison at Towaliga County Line Baptist Church (153 Short Road, Jackson). Take I-75 to Exit 201 and head toward the Hess gas station (turn left (east) off the interstate if heading south on I-75) on Barnesville-Jackson Rd. (Ga 36) and turn right past the gas station

Vigils across the US

There is no evidence or murder weapon and 7 of 9 witnesses have recanted their statements, some naming another man as a suspect. A few have said they felt coerced by police or were afraid they’d be incarcerated if they didn’t go along with what they thought police wanted them to say. A potentially innocent man is about to be put to death.

There are only a few hours left so please, please do what you can.

http://fuckyeahmarxismleninism.tumblr.com/ and http://jalwhite.tumblr.com/ are good tumblrs to follow to keep up with what’s happening this evening. If you pray, pray for Troy. 

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Eshu's Playground: A quick message to my fellow white folks



Most of you have read about Troy Davis. I’m sure a lot of you have a lot of feelings about this.

I’d like to ask you a favor: just for today, shut the fuck up.


I don’t mean don’t try to help. By all means, call the judge, call the governor, do everything that…

Can we substitute the pop in the mouth with a sock full of nickels to the dome?

Why, of COURSE, and at no extra charge!

A quick message to my fellow white folks


Most of you have read about Troy Davis.  I’m sure a lot of you have a lot of feelings about this.

I’d like to ask you a favor: just for today, shut the fuck up.


I don’t mean don’t try to help.  By all means, call the judge, call the governor, do everything that we’re told will help directly.  Light up switchboards and flood fax machines.  Reblog and repost articles and actual factual facts about the case.  Get the word out.  Go to the rallies if you’re in Georgia.  Get traffic to the live coverage.

But listen to me very carefully: get your feelings out of the public sphere.

I don’t mean don’t feel about it.  It’s okay, it’s good, honestly, to feel like shit about this, to feel sick and disgusted about a system that’s killing an innocent man because we (as a country) fetishize and worship cops and because we fear black men and assume guilt.

But right now, today, this is not about us.

I know I have a lot of white feminists on my dash so let me put this in your terms: right now, posting about your feelings and how this personally affects you is the equivalent of mansplaining.  Making today — this whole case — in any way about you and your feelings means that you are crowding this space with the oppressive majority’s lip wobbling.

If you need to talk to someone about this, do it in private.  Talk to friends.  Hell, my ask is open if you need it.

For fuck’s sake, if this case genuinely means anything to you, right now make a point of giving the Internet’s space and attention to the black people on your dash and in your reader.  And if you suddenly discover that you don’t really have any (or many) black people in your (Internet) life, maybe you should stop and fucking well think about that.

That is the least, the bare minimum you can do right now.

In light of this Public Service Announcement, the Pop In The Mouth Aversion Therapy Committee would like to make it known that anyone following this with any form of derailing, obfuscation, denial, dismissal, and/or any common tactics stemming from White privilege will have a pop in the mouth administered directly to them for each instance of said behavior. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for each pop in the mouth to arrive.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours truly,

eshusplayground, Chairperson of the Pop In The Mouth Aversion Therapy Committee


You can give a man the death penalty for killing a cop with no evidence, but give a cop 2 years for killing a man with video footage of the murder.